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You agree to be bound by these conditions when you pay a deposit. These conditions constitute the agreement between BEAL Corporate Travel (The Agency) and you. These conditions can only change by an authorized BEAL Corporate Travel Representative. Signed and in writing.

Agency: BEAL Corporate Travel (BCT) acts as an agent only.

We sell various travel-related products. We represent many service providers, such as airlines, and boat charter operators.

1. Booking Form/Contract Agreement:

BEAL makes travel bookings on your behalf. We arrange relevant contracts between you and travel service providers. BEAL has no responsibility for these services. We do not make or give any warranty or represent their standards. We make bookings subject to the service provider's terms and conditions. And limitations of liability. Your legal recourse is against the specific provider and not BEAL. Especially if the service provider is unable to provide the services you contracted.

As described in the Booking Form and Contract Agreement. The Company transacts with the Client only. Any service delivered to the Client’s client (not only the parent of the touring person) is to assist the Client.

Contracted ground tour operator/agent, airline, and service providers:

Various agents or companies can supply the company with services in different countries. They have no responsibility or obligation to any party but the Company Tour Leader or a tour guide. This includes links between the company, client group leader and contracted tour operator. And any of their services suppliers.

2. Contract: 

This contract represents the terms of services and payment and the referred quote. This includes amendments written and signed by both parties. We provide only excursions, meals, matches etc. as described in this document. We deem alterations, changes and additions by the client not in the quoted price as extra.

3. Price Increase Risk: 

All prices are subject to availability. We can withdraw or vary without notice. Prices are generally quoted in local office currencies. This usually differs from operator currencies. And may be subject to exchange rate fluctuations beyond our control until paid in full. We need all deposits paid before we process bookings. Payment of a deposit means acceptance of all terms and conditions. Full payment requires at least 90 days before departure. This may be earlier subject to individual operators’ policies. Some air tickets and specials may be an instant buy. If you make bookings within 90 days, we need full payment. We base the prices of the initial quote on prices applicable on the day when we prepare.

Any increase or extra costs of fluctuations is for the client's cost once we receive notice. Improvement in the exchange rate will be for the sole benefit of the company. Any credits to the client in lieu thereof will be discretionary. Airline quotes are only valid for the period stated in their quotation. Airlines reserve the right to increase fares until they receive full payment. We will pass this cost to the client.

4. Inclusions: 

We only include services listed under INCLUSIONS in the accepted quote in the tour price. We will include INCLUSIONS in writing thereafter by the client in the tour price.

5. Alterations, Changes and Additions by the Client: 

Should the client alter or change the booking or tour, or any term or condition of this agreement:

The client must notify the company as soon as possible in writing of the alteration or change. In this event: 1. The company will try to accommodate the client’s wishes. 2. The client will be liable for payment of any costs or taxes incidental to the alteration or change. And will be responsible for paying for such extra costs or taxes at the request of the company. 3. In the event of a change or alteration to the booking, we add an extra administration charge. 4. Should a client cancel the tour, the company will keep or claim the total amount due. As per clause 6 as pre-estimated damages. 5. We cannot change airline tickets without payment of cancellation charges. Or a replacement ticket. All costs incurred by the company for a change to airline tickets will be on account of the client. It is payable on request of the company. This is also subject to an administration fee. 6. We will accommodate the replacement of the name where possible. This is subject to the airlines and/or service provider’s rules, conditions and fares. And subject to an administrative fee.

6. Taxes:

Certain taxes are mandatory in various countries. There may also be an extra local tax charged at some airports. All taxes are subject to change without notice. Extra surcharges apply to some bookings, particularly those that stop in the USA.

We cannot confirm the cost of taxes until the final payment/ticket issue. Taxes fluctuate daily. It is subject to conversion by the rate of exchange on the day they issue the ticket.

7. Change in Touring Itineraries, Fixtures and Excursions: 

We base the quote on the initial itinerary on the services available. We provide a hypothetical itinerary. No booking, no services.

The company reserves the right to:

1. Change the itinerary of the tour. This includes accommodation, transport, travel dates, and airlines. Or any other service of the same standard or price.

2. We charge for any extra costs incurred if it is more expensive, for a higher standard of better services. We will inform the client of such changes. All services, fixtures and excursions are subject to availability at the time of the tour. Schools and clubs can cancel fixtures due to bad weather. Also, the lack of facilities or other commitments. The client accepts that such changes are not in the control of the Company. And undertakes not to keep the Company liable for such changes in any way.

3. When we sell a “famous people” tour, it's only when the famous person indicates they will go with the tour. The person is not a staff member of the company. If the person withdraws for any reason, it is outside the reasonable control of the Company. Thus, the tour will go on and normal terms and conditions will apply.

8. Liability:

Neither the company nor the tour leader will be liable for any loss. As a result of injury to, or death of any of the participants or clients during the tour. And damage caused by any tour member’s neglect or unlawful action. We will reduce the extent of damages claimed by the company. This would correlate to the amount payable by travel insurance, covering service suppliers. Whether such insurance is in place or not.

The client needs to inform the Company of any possible claims against the Company in writing. They can send emails or registered letters to the Company’s registered address. Within 14 days of becoming aware of such loss or event that can lead to a claim against the Company.

The Client accepts that if they do not inform the Company within this period, they give up any right to a claim. They release the Company from any responsibility for any action or event leading to a claim. The client can only claim damages caused by the company’s direct neglect. When a third-party lodge a claim the client undertakes not to claim from the company.

9. Passports and Health Precautions:

You need to be up to date on regulations and requirements, passports and health. The client undertakes to inform and update members of the tour. Normal cancellation rules apply if a member is not able to tour due to passport problems.

You are responsible for any health requirements for your travel destinations. Ensure that you carry all necessary vaccination documentation. You should consult your doctor about the health requirements for your destination.

10. Insurance:

The Company will add the cost of travel insurance to the tour price. The client gives the Company permission to insure them for travel. Once we reach tour capacity, we will secure the Insurance on behalf of the group.

Once you pay insurance, we will not refund travel insurance paid on the client's behalf. The pursuing insurance contract is between the client and the insurer. No liability or duty of support will fall upon the company if the insurer declines a claim. Any help from the company, in this case, will be a goodwill gesture. The client has to be aware of the cover offered under the insurance contract. Should the cover not be ample, the client is free to take extra insurance from an insurer of their choice. This insurance will not replace the insurance facilitated by the Company.

We recommend personal travel insurance as a condition for all BCT holiday packages. Travel Insurance is also deemed compulsory by many of our operators and partners. We also recommend you take out cover relating to COVID-19. This should also cover any increases, postponements or cancellations to your trip. You are accountable for your insurance for the full duration of travel. This includes cancellation, illness, injury, death, loss of luggage, personal items, cancellation and restrictions.

11. Visa Applications:

The Company can inform about visa applications. No agent the Company refers to assist with the visa application processes is a party of the Company. We accept no liability for any result of the interaction between such an agent and the client. Some countries need visitors to apply for a visa in person. The Company will not be liable in any way for any losses to any party. Whether due to theft, loss of documentation, or late documentation, while in the company’s care. This includes any signatory waiving or any claims against the Company on behalf of involved parties. Some embassies need proof of an issued airline ticket for the visa application.

The Company will only provide tour members with airline tickets. This will be 10 (ten) days after the final cost of the tour. There will be no refund of tour money or any other payments made. This applies to payment schedules, unsuccessful visa applications, and late or incomplete documentation. Or the relevant embassy declines the visa or any other reason whatsoever.

12. Individually Issued Airline Tickets and Service Supplier Selection:

We will charge extra costs if we issue tickets to individuals later than the group. We charge ab extra cost of R500.00 (Five Hundred Rand) per ticket issued. Including extra costs, if the airline increases the airfare on such tickets.

We only use registered service suppliers with a recognized industry body. Residing in the location and country of the services. We will assist in replacing the services, should the contracted services not comply. The claim will be transferred to the industry body. The Company endeavors to assist the Client in pursuing compensation for such damage. The Client is liable for costs incurred for replacing the services.

13. Baggage Allowance:

The client acknowledges its awareness of different airlines having different baggage weight allowances. Airlines don’t always allow extra weight for sporting equipment. They do not always allow the spreading of baggage allowance between members of the group. And there is a fee payable for excess luggage. As airline baggage weight rules are sometimes ambiguous. The client agrees to the applicable baggage allowance rules per airline before departure. The Company accepts no responsibility for the cost of excess baggage at any time.

14. Flight Connection Delays:

The Company will not be liable for any expenses incurred, delayed or missed flights.

15. Credit Card Payments:

The company has introduced a surcharge for services paid by credit cards or debit cards. As per industry practice.

16. Effective Date: 

This agreement will be effective from the date upon which the first of the following events happen: 1. You paid the deposit, or part of it, per the schedule and received by the company 2. If you pay without accepting this contract, BEAL assumes you accept this contract. Relevant from within 2 full working days that BEAL Travel sent the link or the contract. 3. The client receives and signs the Booking Form and Contract Agreement. From this date, the terms and conditions of this agreement will be binding on the parties.

17. Payments: 

1. Make your payments as per the payment schedule to the company’s bank account. It should be free of bank charges such as cash deposit fees and credit card charges. 2. The client must pay in cash, by cheque or by bank transfer. And send proof of payment by e-mail to the address of the company immediately after payment. We treat cheque payments as payments from the date the cheque cleared. It can take as long as 10 days. 3. Individual payments to the company, the payment date of the last payment is as if the whole group paid on that date. Every scheduled payment date is due. 4. Late payment by a touring member leads to increased prices. The whole group will be responsible for the payment of such increases. 5. The company undertakes to pay the service suppliers as agreed with service suppliers. We will divide payments of the client’s money in such a way it deems fit. The company reserves the right to take the cost of its overheads from any payment the company sees fit. 6. The company will be under no obligation to disclose its costs for the tour or extra services to the client. 7. No amount payable to the company will bear any interest.

18. Cancellation Costs: 

All deposits are non-refundable. Cancellations within 90 days of departure your balance payment may also be non-refundable. Ensure relevant travel insurance that covers you in case of unforeseen circumstances. Including illness or accidents or COVID-19-related circumstances. Some cancellations may be partly refundable, but cancellation charges will apply. BCT is unable to provide any refund to you until we receive the funds back from the relevant supplier. In the case of airline refunds, this may take up to twelve weeks. When they reissue or change a booking, fees will apply.

In the event of cancellation, for reasons beyond the control of the company will keep the deposit

Claim 30% (Thirty Percent) of the total tour cost:

Cancelling the tour before the original tour date commencement. 28 (twenty-eight) weeks to 20 (twenty) weeks minus one day.

Claim 50% (Fifty Percent) of the total tour cost:

Cancelling the tour before the original tour date commencement. 20 (twenty) weeks to 16 (sixteen) weeks minus one day.

Claim 75% (Seventy-Five Percent) of the total costs:

Cancelling the tour before the original tour date commencement.

15 (fifteen) weeks to 12 (twelve) weeks minus one day.

Claim 100% (One Hundred Percent) of the total costs:

Cancelling the tour upon the original tour date commencement.

12 (twelve) weeks.

19. Conduct: 

1. The client takes responsibility for the conduct of the participants and their representatives. From tour commencement to the end. 2. The company reserves the right to cancel the tour:

Any individual member of the group, the group, a participant, parents or representatives:

a) threatens, abuses or insults BEAL staff or their representatives

b) misbehaves to the extent that the supplied services or organization get interrupted

c) causes danger or harm to anyone or damage to any property

d) contravenes the laws of a country visited on the tour or the country where the tour is being organized.

e) does not co-operate with the tour organizer or tour leader. And/or the representative tour operator/agent that contracted with the service suppliers.

f) commits a crime during the tour.

g) affects members enjoying the tour.

h) If we have to cancel the tour, the client will give up all monies already paid to the company. And we will be liable to pay any costs or costs incurred of the tour.

i) Take note: we will cancel the tour if the behavior of a parent, representative, or tour member affects the tour.

20. Tour Leader:

The company contracts with a Tour Leader for some tours. The Tour Leader is not always an employee of the company. The company is not responsible for any claims against the Tour Leader. Nor any claims against the company instead of the actions of the Tour Leader. Signing the contract enables the Tour Leader to help control the participants. Their behavior, liaise with the service suppliers and change the itinerary. The Tour Leader is not a tour guide. His/her role is only to coordinate/oversee the arrangements and assist with crises. He has no obligation to deliver any service to and/or accepts any instruction from any tour member. The client has the right to pursue any claims against the tour leader if the client deems it necessary. Through normal legal channels.

21. Billeting (Homestay/Boarding):

Billeting/boarding per this agreement means the use of a host school or club. The accommodation is in residential dwellings for overnight purposes. Only if the Company and the representative of the school agree. We endeavor to match the tour members with schools and clubs of high standing all over the world. We cannot guarantee that billeting will take place. The company accepts no responsibility for claims of any nature whatsoever. Including any loss by accident, injury or death that may occur as a result of billeting. Sometimes we cannot arrange to billet. On short notice cancellation, we will arrange alternative accommodation. The client will be responsible for any costs due to alternative accommodation.

22. Late Payments:

In the event of late payments, the company has the right to cancel the tour with no refund. We will also have the right to change the tour itinerary and/or increase the price. We will inform the client of such an increase or change. The Client should accept the change or increase in writing. If they do not accept the Company has the right to withdraw from this agreement as if they cancelled the tour.

23. Privacy Policy:

We commit to protecting your personal information. We will process your personal information per our Privacy Policy. It is available online. https://www.bealtravel.com 

By providing your personal information you agree to our Privacy Policy. You consent to allow us to collect, disclose, and process your personal information. (Per our Privacy Policy)

We and our third-party service providers may disclose your personal information. You hereby consent to such disclosure. This is as required by the Protection of Personal Information Act No.4 of 2014. This applies to third parties connected with facilitating your travel arrangements and bookings. And the provision of travel services and products.

For example:

We may disclose your personal information to airlines, hotels, and car rental companies. And other service providers facilitating your travel arrangements.

Furthermore, you permit the disclosure of your personal information to overseas recipients. Recipients may include overseas travel service providers on bookings.

Travel service providers per location receive your personal information. They manage the information where they provide the services or manage their business. We only disclose personal information to overseas recipients about facilitating your travel booking. Or to provide administrative and technical services by them on our behalf.

Note that when we disclose your personal information to a third party overseas:

Personal information might not be as protected in another country as in South Africa. We deal with many travel service providers around the world. Some are small operations. Or in locations in countries with alternative personal use information laws. Or even situated in regions with less advanced technology.

When we send your personal information to an overseas recipient you agree that this is at your risk. (Other than any of our overseas-related entities). We will not be liable for how those recipients handle your personal information. We may disclose personal information for child enrichment or educational tours. You permit us to your images and videos on social media platforms. Also in marketing material, as needed by the company. If you object to this, please notify us in writing.


24. Covid-19: 

As a result of COVID-19, many properties and operators changed their terms & conditions. If you are unable to travel due to any COVID-19 or Force Majeure event, we will postpone your trip. The trip will be within the next 12 months. Accommodation costs for the future date are subject to the costs applied by the operator. Prices fluctuate according to season throughout the year. Pricing may increase due to postponement. We will pass on any increase in accommodation costs imposed by the resort to you. The client will not be the responsibility of BCT.

25. Force Majeure: 

BCT will not be liable for any losses or costs or delay in, change to or cancellation of trips due to Force Majeure. “Force Majeure” means any circumstances beyond the reasonable control of BCT. This includes, but is not limited to, war, the threat of war, riots, civil strife, terrorist activity, industrial dispute, disease, pandemic etc. (Including any such future circumstances relating to the known COVID-19 pandemic). Also, industrial or nuclear disasters, adverse weather conditions, cancellation of an event by the tour operator, government travel bans, fires, and strikes.

26. Online Declaration of Understanding and Acceptance:

I agree to the terms and conditions as binding by:

a. answering “YES” to the question on the registration form.

”Terms and conditions acceptance".

By selecting “yes” you acknowledge that you read the contract. That you agree with all the terms and conditions stipulated therein. And subject yourself thereto.”

b. And/or signing this form.

c. And/or depositing the tour.